What the moon will look like for each day in 2016

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What the moon will look like for each day in 2016

What the moon will look like for each day in 2016

If you want to know exactly what the moon will look like (to those in the northern hemisphere, at least), this video by NASA has got you covered. It tracks all the phases of the moon for 2016, that is you’ll see the moon wax and wane as it corresponds to each day of the year. It’s a really cool look at the movements of the space rock.

Though the moon can look pretty much the same to us down here, there’s a lot of uniqueness to each day.


The best solar eclipse videos

The best solar eclipse videos1

A perfect recipe to enjoy the weekend: just watch these videos of today’s solar eclipse over and over again from different locations across our planet and even around the universe. We’ve collected videos from space, from a place that looks like Hoth on Earth and so many more. Even if you missed it earlier, you’ll see it better than ever now.

Here’s video from Proba-2 provided by the ESA:


From Svalbard, which is basically Hoth on Earth:


Here’s a clear view from Kaluga:


A different view that just shows the momentary darkness caused by the eclipse:


And BBC’s take from the Faroe Islands:


Sky News:



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