Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

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Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

by Live Science Staff   |   October 10, 2015 06:22am ET

Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you’ll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Big tusks:

An amazing find

[Full Story: Ice Age Mammoth Bones Discovered on Michigan Farm]

Starving corals:

before and after a coral bleaching event in American Samoa.

Rising ocean temperatures are wreaking havoc on the world’s corals. These losses will affect fish populations as they cannot find food as well as other ocean creatures.

[Full Story: Chilling Photos Show Coral Bleaching Across the Globe]

Cute or creepy?

The hog-nosed rat.

In 2013 a creature was discovered. Recently experts realized the animal is a new species: the hog-nosed rat has a piglike snout, large ears and fanglike teeth.

[Full Story: This Pig-Nosed Rat with Vampire Teeth Will Haunt Your Dreams]

Blue skies:

Pluto's Blue Sky

More images of Pluto reveal intriguing information, like the dwarf planet having blue skies, like our own Blue Marble.

[Full Story: Surprise! Pluto Has Blue Skies (Photo)]


Chris the Sheep

A sheep was found, lost in the wild with a humongous amount of wool grown. Chris the sheep was rescued and sheered, taking the world record with 90 lbs. of wool removed in a single sheering. After the sheering, the sheep was moved to its new home and is adjusting nicely.

[Full Story: Un-Baaahlievable! Overgrown Sheep Gets Record-Breaking Haircut]

Shocking photos:

AIRBOS technology captures schlieren images of a fighter jet's supersonic wave structure

Scientists have developed new techniques to understand how and when airplanes break the sound barrier, allowing them to understand how to design quieter supersonic planes.

[Full Story: Supersonic Planes ‘Paint’ Gorgeous Shock Waves in the Sky (Photos)]

More water on Mars:

Simulated View of Gale Crater Lake on Mars

Gale Crater on Mars shows evidence of having a system of lakes that lasted for long periods of time. This information leads experts to believe the likelihood of life on Mars is even higher now.

[Full Story: Ancient Mars Had Long-Lasting Lakes, Boosting Chances for Life]

Prehistoric vacuum cleaner:

Ancient desmostylia mammal

A recently released study reveals that fossils uncovered on the Aluetian Islands’ Unalaska belong to a new species. The hippolike animal had a snout it used to vacuum up its dinner.

[Full Story: Extinct Hippolike Creature Was Prehistoric Vacuum Cleaner]

Geologic marvels:

Callanish Stones

A photo contest run by the Geological Society of London announced its winners last week with caves, neolithic stones, landscapes, beaches and more garnering the prizes.

[Full Story: Marble Caves and Neolithic Stones Shine in UK Photo Contest]

Rotunda Museum:

Rotunda Museum

The geologic wonders in the UK were photographed for the 100 Great Geosites contest and the top 13 winners will be distributed in a 2016 calendar for the world to see.

[Full Story: In Photos: The UK’s Geologic Wonders]

On a Michigan farm, two farmers made a surprising discovery: a large male mammoth from the ice age was likely slaughtered by ancient humans and the remains left, hidden in a pond, to be recovered later.



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