Leopards often pounce on their unsuspecting prey from trees. But as a group of tourists visiting Botswana recently found out, these brazen felines are capable of launching their attacks from remarkable heights. Either that, or this leopard is completely nuts.

Here’s the complete video via Africa Geographic:

Yasmin Tajik saw the whole thing unfold before her very eyes. Her account reads like this:

The [female] leopard was intently watching a group of impala grazing nearby, and as they slowly moved under the tree we knew we were about to witness a once in a lifetime event. After about 10 minutes, we witnessed the leopard leap from the tree onto an unsuspecting impala below and before we knew it, the struggle had ended with a successful kill.

With the adrenalin pumping through our veins, we moved closer and captured amazing images of the leopard attempting to drag the carcass up a tree. She failed, and elected to eat the carcass on the ground instead. The scene continued to unfold in front of us, as she tore into the flesh of the impala, enjoying the spoils. She then made a second attempt to drag the carcass up into a tree, but the weight of both the leopard and carcass were too heavy for the branches and both subsequently fell to the ground.

And if you think that video is incredible, be sure to check out Tajik’s stunning photographs of the event, which you can see here.

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